Membership Agreement

Agreement and Disclaimer

The owner of this web site and its participants, including professional members and correspondents are not to be construed as giving legal, medical or therapeutic advice in any way herein. This website and email group serves as a support group and as a think tank only and in no way may it be construed to offer services to anyone reading the material that appears herein, including other members and participants to the web site forums. No doctor-patient, lawyer-client or therapist-client relationships will evolve out of any communications on this site. This email list is a service performed by the owner. The owner owes no duty of care to those who elect to participate in it. ASpar is a support group, and therefore every member shares an equal responsibility for the success of the group. Any financial contributions made to ASpar cover administrative costs and overheads only. They do not guarantee any special relationship with the owner, or a response from the owner to any post. Refunds generally will not be given if a member elects to withdraw from the group, in the same way as books and CDs etc are sold on understanding that they cannot be refunded. Similarly, ASpar is a text, whose intellectual property resides in its message archives and structure. In cases of extreme hardship, the owner may decide to refund monies. Membership is at the discretion of the owner based on whether applicants meet the membership criteria, whether applicants in the judgment of the owner will be compatible with the existing membership, and whether on joining they continue to exhibit reciprocal, supportive behaviour. These decisions will be at the sole discretion of the site’s owner, and any management committee appointed by the owner. Once a decision is made to refuse or rescind membership, the decision will be final, as there is no appeal process, and no further correspondence will be entered into except at the discretion of the owner. While every effort will be taken to protect the confidentiality of applicants, applicants must be aware that they forward personal information at their own risk. The members of the forum and owner of the site do not assume any legal responsibility whatsoever for the failure on the part of any participants to understand this disclaimer. Individuals who participate in the forums assume responsibility for their participation in the endeavours of ASpar. Participants who join the support group are expected to read the Member’s Manual which outlines their rights and responsibilities with particular regard for the section on Privacy and Confidentiality.  Every endeavour is made to protect the confidentiality and privacy of members within the bounds of the confidentiality agreement that each member undertakes by reading the relevant section of the Member’s Manual.