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Did your mother, father or carer have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

Would you like to join our online email group for

  • emotional support and understanding
  • stimulating, sometimes leading-edge discussion that pushes the frontiers of understanding of the social impacts of the high functioning edge of the autistic spectrum?

Information for prospective members

Membership is based on the subjective judgment of the group moderator/s about whether you

  • have a parent who fits a common-sense definition of Asperger’s Syndrome/ Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • will fit with existing members

If your application is accepted you will receive a comprehensive Member’s Manual which outlines your rights and responsibilities as a member of group that deals with some very sensitive and confidential issues.

You will be asked to make an annual contribution to the cost of running the group based on an honours system ranging from $15 – $60 USD. In cases of extreme hardship, this contribution may be waived at the discretion of the moderator.

Ready to Apply?

Cut and paste this questionaire and send with your responses to

Impact of AS

  1. Which parent/carer had AS (Mother, father, both)?
  2. What kinds of behaviours make you think AS affected your parent/s?
  3. How have you and your family been affected?
  4. What do you hope will be the benefit to you of joining ASpar?


  1. What is the AS parent’s occupation?
  2. Which country do you currently live in?
  3. Which decade were you born in eg 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s etc.
  4. Where did you hear about ASpar?


  1. Have you read and understood the ASpar Membership Agreement?
  2. What level of annual contribution can you make to the running of ASpar?