Worried about grandchild

I am a single divorced woman age 58. I have been dating a gentleman for 5 years who has a daughter that I suspect has AS but has not been diagnosed. She is married to a nice guy and they have a 4 year old daughter that is like my granddaughter. I am very concerned for the child. At this point she actually growls at her mother when she approaches her when she is playing.

The mother is a technician and does a very good job. And never wants to take a day off from work which is probably best for the child. She does not have social skills. She has no friends. She repeats the same stories over and over again I think because she likes to hear and relive them. They are either about happy times in her life or great sorrows in her life. She is only 30 yrs old. She has no empathy for the child. She wants her to be perfectly dressed and behaved at all times but has no skills and does not know how to teach her things. She wants her to be like a pet or doll. I have never seen her actually play with the child. She also hoards things and keeps them in the child’s room and expects her not to play with them but is not able to discipline her enough to keep her from it. Of course the whole house is full of stuff. The mother is sometimes very violent to the child not intentionally just because she is an idiot and does not realize that she is hurting her.

I could go on and on about the mistreatment of the child as you know but what I need to know is how can I help the child?

I try to keep her at my house at least every other Saturday night but I am old and have to work everyday to support myself. The grandfather sees the problem but doesn’t know what to do about it. I have not mentioned that I think his daughter is Autistic but she shows all the symptoms. And he realizes she does not behave normally. I can’t even imagine how she treats the child when no one is around. The father is not much help because he is a good guy but a little weird also. I did get him on my side and get the mother to quit giving the child enemas at the drop of a hat when she was having trouble going to the bathroom because of a lack of good nutrition. The child was even threatened with enemas for  any little thing she did wrong. I pitched a good old fit about that and I think I took care of it. The child is very smart and she talks to me. Of course she is not potty trained. But maybe this summer she will decide to train herself.

Help me help the child. 

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  1. the mother has serious emotional behavioural issues which make her unable to make the right judgements to care for a child. She needs help and support from professionals as she doesn’t know how to nurture. She may have been brought up in an autistic environment where nurturing was not part of the care plan but her treatment of the child is abuse as another comment says, and needs to dealt with for the sake of the childs well being.

  2. I have autism and I am disgusted at how she treats her child. You are right to be worried, I’d keep an eye on them if I were you.

  3. What really bothers me is you all are assuming that abuse is autism! I have AS but I do not abuse anyone. What you are all describing sounds more like narsisitic personality disorder. Abuse has nothing to do with autism and it’s frightening that you all think this. What moron told you this? I know a lot about AS and these people have others issues going on. Get help for abuse not autism.

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