Jane – vignette

My childhood was very difficult … 

My mother was very distant when I was a child, no kisses or cuddles, we were never talked to. The house was untidy and full of her books. She spent all her free time in the corner of the room, table covered with dirty dishes, reading non-stop. I am just starting to explore this issue and wonder could it just be a deprived childhood herself, my grandmother was very distant, or could she have traits of aspergers.

In the last year my mother has moved house without telling me and sold the family home without my knowledge. I lived there for 22 years but never had the chance to visit it one last time. I find it difficult communicating with her now but she is the one acting hurt.

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  1. That sounds exactly like my childhood too. My main memory of my mother is of her sitting in our filthy kitchen, surrounded by dirty dishes and old newspapers. She never, ever cleaned the house. Ever. If I tried to clean, she would get very nervous about me throwing away her “precious things” that were somewhere underneath all the newspapers and junk.

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