Telling the stories of children raised by AS parents

What is it like to have Autistic or Aspergers parents?

This blog has been created to give a voice to the children of AS affected families. Readers of the stories to follow will find very clear and significant patterns of family dysfunction emerging. These patterns have slipped under the radar of all society’s institutions yet have profound implications for child welfare, when considered in the light of the high claimed incidence of AS in the community. If only 1% of the 4% of women and 10% of men who are supposed to be on the Autistic spectrum, have children, the inference is clear.

The stories will come from the members of ASpar, a support and advocacy group which began in 1999.

Since its inception, ASpar has had about 150 members, trailblazers and pioneers with new insights about a whole new hidden world of difference, something that had slipped under the radar of the medical establishment and the helping professions.

When prospective new members approach ASpar they are asked to provide an introduction which contains

  • which parents(s) have AS
  • demographic details
  • what makes them think their parent has AS (given that few will have an official diagnosis)
  • the impact on themselves and their family of the AS parents

This blog will feature, with members’ permissions, the answers to these questions, under pseudonyms to protect their privacy.

We do not claim that we are representative of all people with AS parents, as obviously groups like ours will not attract people who are perfectly satisfied with their upbringing. What we ask is that you read the stories. and make up your own minds whether there is a pattern and whether that pattern is consistent with a diagnosis of AS.

We do not advocate any kind of discrimination against people with AS, but we do believe they and their families need support

We will be putting stories up over the next couple of months

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  1. Have any of you felt aspergers -like deficiencies in your own self because of not learning normal behavior from our moms ? Or do neurotypical children develop normally even though no body taught them how to read social signals ?

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